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2021 Fall Adult Sunday School

Counter Culture: Following Christ in an Anti-Christian Age

Date Title Teacher Class Recording Presentation
8/8/21 Introduction & The Greatest Offense: The Gospel and Culture Matt Linebarger Download
8/15/21 Where Rich and Poor Collide: The Gospel and Poverty Tim Yates Download
8/22/21 Modern Holocaust: The Gospel and Abortion Matt Linebarger Download
8/29/21 The Lonely in Families: The Gospel and Orphans and Widows Tim Yates Download
9/5/21 A War on Women: The Gospel and Sex Slavery Matt Linebarger Download
9/12/21 A Profound Mystery: The Gospel and Marriage Gary Matlack Download
9/19/21 Bought with a Price: The Gospel and Sexual Morality Mark Trigsted Download
9/26/21 Unity in Diversity: The Gospel and Ethnicity Tim Yates No Audio Available Download
10/3/21 Unprecedented Crisis: The Gospel and Refugees Matt Linebarger Download
10/10/21 Christ in the Public Square: The Gospel and Religious Liberty Tim Yates Download
10/17/21 A World of Pride: The gospel and the LGBTQ+ Community Mark Trigsted Download
10/24/21 Unholy Allegiance: The Christian and Politics Matt Linebarger Download
10/31/21 Let's Risk It All/Q&A Matt Linebarger, Tim Yates, Mark Trigsted, & Jordan Stone Download

For more information, please email Matt Linebarger.