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Sunday School

Current Classes

The Doctrine of the Christian Life

  • Who? The class is primarily for young adults and young families. Charles Broom is leading the class and will have a few other men teaching along the way.
  • Where? Sanctuary.
  • What? As we've seen throughout our series in Titus, a healthy church teaches the godliness that belongs with gospel. This class explores the truths we need to train ourselves holiness, things such as the means of grace, the pilgrim life, the fear of God, self-denial and cross-bearing, as well as marriage and parenting.

The Doctrine of the Last Things

  • Who? The class is primarily for empty nesters. Mark Evans and Lee Hall will co-teach.
  • Where? Room 101.
  • What? The end is near, and Christ is almost here. Eschatology, or what the Bible says about the last things, has long been a fascination for many Christians. Yet, fascination doesn’t always equal understanding. The issues surrounding Christ’s return are some of the more complicated and mysterious truths in Scripture. This class offers clear teaching on what we should expect about the end of all things—death, the signs of the times, the millennium, heaven and hell, and so much more.

WEEK #2 NOTES: On Death and The Intermediate State

WEEK #4 NOTES: The Return of Christ

Week #5–6 NOTES: The Millennium

WEEK #7 NOTES: The Final Resurrection

Week #8 NOTES: The Final Judgment

       We hope you’ll join one of these classes at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday as we               strive to grow together in the unity of the faith (Eph. 4:13).