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Zion Church Plant FAQ

What was announced?

The Redeemer session announced that Redeemer is planting a new daughter church in Prosper, TX named Zion Presbyterian Church and that have sent Pastor Mark Belonga to be the church planter for that new church.

Why is Redeemer planting a new church?

Redeemer is committed to planting churches as part of our commitment to local outreach and faithfulness to the Great Commission. We believe that planting churches is the most effective evangelistic method given by God to extend the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. We desire to reach the people of Prosper and the surrounding areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Redeemer planted Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church in Anna, TX several years ago. We are excited to be able to plant another church in North Texas, and we hope the Lord gives us the ability to be involved in planting many more churches over the next few decades.

Who is going to be the pastor of Zion Presbyterian Church?

Pastor Belonga has been called by the North Texas Presbytery to serve as the church planter (pastor) for this new church plant. Additionally, RE David Bell, RE Charles Broom, and RE Tim Yates will be serving as part of Zion’s session, as will two other teaching elders from our presbytery: TE Matt Wood (Grace & Peace) and TE Matt Oliver (US Army Chaplain).

Where is this church plant going to be?

Zion will meet for gathered worship in Prosper, TX. The specific location has not yet been selected. 

When is this church plant going to happen?

We are targeting a first official gathered worship service on Easter Sunday 2020 (April 12, 2020). 

What exactly is a church plant?

A church plant is a brand new church. Three of the most common ways a new church is “seeded” are the following:

  • A “parachute” plant. When a man is called to plant a church with little to no infrastructure (people, contacts, etc.) The planter and his family are “parachuted” into a new location and start a new church from scratch.
  • “Core group” seeded plant. When a church has a group of members who are part of a small group in a particular geographical area and they desire to start a new church from that small group. They are essentially a group of people without a church planter.
  • A “mother-daughter” plant. In this scenario, an existing church desires to launch a new “daughter” church plant, often sending people, leadership, and financial support. Zion Presbyterian Church will follow this model, as did Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church in Anna, TX. 

What church planting model will Zion Presbyterian Church follow?

Zion will follow the mother-daughter planting model as did Redeemer’s first daughter church plant, Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church in Anna, TX. Redeemer will send families, leadership, and financial support to the Zion church plant. While a costly sacrifice to Redeemer, we are committed as a church to advancing the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and we believe this is the most effective way to encourage the stability, health, and growth of this new church.

Who else will be leaving Redeemer to join the Zion church plant?

The Redeemer session is encouraging anyone who is willing to consider joining the work of planting Zion to do so. Several Redeemer families have already committed to join Zion, including the families of some elders and deacons. The Redeemer session would ask you to prayerfully consider whether the Lord may be leading you to join the work at Zion. To be successful, this new church will need committed families who are eager to actively use their gifts for the sake of the Kingdom.

This sounds exciting! How can we get involved?

  • Presence: First of all, pray about whether you feel called to join Zion. Zion will need committed and energetic families to serve with joy.

However, we recognize church planting isn’t for everyone, or Prosper may be too far from your home. That said, this church plant will be the work of all of Redeemer, even those who will not go. Consider these ways you can be involved:

  • Promotion: Come to the information meetings to find out more about Zion’s vision. This will allow you to encourage those who we will send to Zion and also to consider whom you might encourage to join Zion.
  • Provide: Consider supporting Zion financially. As a church, Redeemer is generously supporting Zion through our annual budget. That said, please consider individually supporting Zion as a means of directly partnering as “fellow-workers” with those who are going.
  • Pray: for Zion Presbyterian Church. Pray for Pastor Belonga and the Zion session as they develop the vision for this new ministry; pray with joy for those who are making sacrifices to leave Redeemer to join Zion; pray for all the preparations for this church; pray that the Lord would lead to this new church people who have not yet heard the gospel or people who are currently “unchurched”; above all, pray that God would be glorified through the extension of His Kingdom. 

We would like to support Zion financially. How do we do that?

Thank you! You can support Zion financially by sending a check to:

Zion Presbyterian Church
PO Box 874
Prosper, TX 75078

Alternatively, you may write a check to Redeemer Presbyterian Church and specify “Zion Church Plant” in the memo line.

What is going to happen with the Redeemer Youth Group going forward?

The Redeemer Youth Group will continue to be a vibrant and exciting ministry of Redeemer Church going forward. The youth group has a very strong adult leadership team which will provide a smooth transition in leadership changes. Some specific details:

  • Redeemer has hired Jensen Hall to serve as Youth Director as of January 2020. Jensen has been serving as an adult volunteer for our youth for several years, and adding him to the Redeemer staff in this capacity provides a smooth transition over the coming year.
  • Pastor Belonga will continue to be part of the youth teaching rotation over the first several months of 2020.
  • As Zion Presbyterian Church adds families with youth, we plan for ZPC to share youth group with RPC, at least until summer 2020.

I’ve got more questions about this church plant. What is the best way to get answers?

  • Email info@zionprosper.com
  • Visit the Zion website at https://www.zionprosper.com
  • Contact one of the elders on Zion’s session. Pastor Belonga would be happy to meet with anyone one-on-one to discuss the ministry vision of Zion and how you can be involved. Additionally, feel free to reach out to David Bell, Charles Broom, or Tim Yates with any questions.