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Adult Sunday School

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2023 marks the 100th Anniversary of the publishing of J. Gresham Machen's monumental work Christianity & Liberalism. Starting in November and going through the end of Febuary 2024, we will explore the history and content of this great work in adult Sunday School.

The class will be divided into two Parts: Part one will be an in-depth look at Machen's life and legacy, and  in part two we will dive into the text of Christianity & Liberalism, chapter by chapter. You will find both the links to the "Live Stream" Recorded sessions and class notes below. 

As always I am available (and would love) to discuss the course content and answer any questions - Just send me a note at Mark@redeemermckinney.com

 Pastor Mark

Our Class Text: Christianity & Liberalism: 100th Anniversary Edition - Availble Here. Download a Public Domain Version of Christianity & Liberalism For Free Here.
A Good Mini-Machen-Biography By Rev. Randy Oliver:
Part 1: Birth to Princeton, Part 2: The Battle For The Presbyterian Church
Reformed Forum Magazine:  Special "Machen Issue"
 Spring 2023 Special "Machen Issue"

DATE / WEEK / TITLE (Live Stream Link) / Class Notes (Link)

11/12/23  Week 1 - INTRODUCTION:  / Class Notes (Download)

11/19/23  Week 2 - PRESBYTERIAN ROYALTY (Early Years):  / Class Notes (Download)

12/10/23  Week 3 - A PRESBYTERIAN HEART & MIND (Preparation For Ministry):  / Class Notes (Download)

 12/17/23  Week 4 - A PRESBYTERIAN BATTLE TO DEATH (Machen The Fighter): / Class Notes (Download)

 1/7/24  Week 5 - THE LEGACY OF  MACHEN AND THE OPC (Pastor Mike Chapa): / Class Notes (Coming Soon)

 1/14/24  Week 6 - FUNDAMENTALISTS AND MODERNISTS:/ Class Notes (Coming Soon)

 1/21/24  Week 7 - CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION: / Class Notes (Download)

 1/28/24  Week 8 - CHAPTER 2 - DOCTRINE: Class Notes (Download)

 2/4/24  Week 9 - CHAPTER 3 - GOD & MAN: Class Notes (Download)

 2/11/24  Week 10 - CHAPTER 4 - THE BIBLE: / Class Notes (Download)

 February 18th, 2024: 9:00 am (Sanctuary)
Chapter 5: Christ