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Whether you have just arrived from another country or have lived in the Dallas area for some time, welcome to the United States and Redeemer’s ESL classes! We’re glad you’re here! Learning to speak English is the key to many new opportunities. It helps you navigate everyday situations, build new friendships, and feel more at home in your community. And yes, English is a challenging (sometimes a bit crazy) language, but it can also be a rewarding adventure. Our ESL ministry team and the members of our church are delighted to open our doors to you! We look forward to helping you learn and practice English as you develop valuable new communication skills.

1) We offer English classes on four levels: 

  • Beginning English: for those who speak no or little English. Students will learn the English alphabet, proper pronunciation, simple words, basic greetings, comments and questions, “survival” skills (such as registering for school, emergency information, how to tell the doctor what hurts, how to purchase and pay for things with American currency).
  • Advanced Beginning English: Students will continue to practice the basics and build fluency with commonly used vocabulary, English grammar, sight-reading, writing, and pronunciation practice.
  • Intermediate English: For those who want to improve their English grammar and vocabulary and progress in their speaking and writing skills. 
  • Advanced English Conversation: For those with more advanced English skills who want to improve fluency in speaking and writing. We also work on advanced vocabulary and grammar. We will have two sections of Advanced English Conversation.


No ESL classes will be offered during Fall 2020. 

Please call 972-529-1502 or email for information or updates.