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ESL classes will take a break for the summer, beginning on May 5, 2023.

Classes will resume in the Fall (September 2023).


We are delighted to have you join us in studying English as your Second Language classes at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Whether you have just arrived from another country and are just starting to learn English, or you have lived here for a while and want to polish your speaking skills, we offer a class for you.

Our classes meet on Friday mornings:

  • Beginner: For those who speak little or no English. This class emphasizes the phonetic foundations of English: reading, speaking, and a bit of writing.

  • Advanced Beginner: This class helps advanced beginners learn and master basic vocabulary and essential grammar, and practice important conversational skills.

  • Intermediate: This class is for intermediate English speakers who are expanding their vocabulary, grammar, reading, and conversational skills.

  • Advanced Conversation: This class is for students who are capable of everyday conversation, but want to polish and refine their skills. Advanced vocabulary and sentence structure and listening skills are covered.

All classes are offered free of charge. For some classes, it may be necessary to
purchase a textbook or workbook.

Additional Sessions:
Advanced Reading Group: This group meets on Friday mornings from 11:45 to read through selected books together. Newcomers are welcome to join at any time. 

Bible Study: All ESL scholars are invited to explore God's Word every Friday at 11:30. Feel free to bring your lunch, a Bible (or you are welcome to borrow one of ours), and your curiosity about the God of the Universe and the Author of mankind's salvation. 

Please take a moment to study the attached calendar. We look forward to seeing you in class!

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 '22_'23 ESL_Calendar_Page_2